National Water Gun Fight

Epic water gun battle: July 30, 2011 - - RSVP

Red Team vs. Blue Team


Plan blue team domination and talk trash here!


Plan red team domination and talk trash here!

Post back to the event that you picked your team here!

Don't even think about leaving your house without your strap!

July 30th is the day you get to show your skills with the trigger.

Obviously buy a water gun and some balloons.

*Wear a WHITE t-shirt and write on it:*

Team Blue or Team Red

*You should NOT be wearing a red or blue t-shirt.*

The second you see the opposing team let them know they picked the wrong side! This is a day for all of us to act as kids again. Make sure to invite your friends!

Catching them anywhere is fair game. Take it to the streets, water drive bys, ambushes, stealth missions...WHATEVER!

There is no specific location for this event! The plan is to wake up that Saturday morning, put on your shirt, and go throughout your day. The hope in all of this is getting big enough so that people actually run into others besides their friends so help out by posting the link or sharing with friends. Thank you! The numbers are growing rapidly which is a good sign :) We still have so much time!

This page made by Gregg Hilferding. I didn't create the original Facebook event, these guys did. I bow down to their greatness.